Splicing & fids

Splicing & Fids

Professional Selma Splicing Kit
Professional Selma Splicing Kit
Reusable tube of 5 fids and instructions to splice your own ropes. Splice Hollow Braided, 3-Strand Twisted, or Double Braided ropes.
H.D. Piano Wire for Splicing
H.D. Piano Wire for Splicing
The finest grade steel of precise chemical analysis, #26 or .063 in size. Exceedingly uniform in thickness and roundness makes it the finest available.
Chafe Sleeve
Chafe Sleeve
1/2", 1" ,2" Inside Diameter Chafe Sleeve. Nylon Chafe Sleeve is excellent for protection of spliced eyes.
Waxed Twine
Polyester Waxed Twine
Polyester Waxed Twine is the ultimate for Splicing.
H.D.Chaffe Sleeve
H.D. Chafe Sleeve
Easy to setup with a slip knot. Our Heavy Duty Chafe Sleeve will provide excellent protection for your tree in a Branch SaverTM system or as an excellent rope protector for climbers.
All Gear Low Friction Rings
All Gear's Low Friction Rings made from Top Grade American Aluminum wi/ Aircraft Quality Teflon Coating for Glide. Uniquely ours - larger sizes are available in Blue or Red.