Purple Haze™

24-Strand Polyester Tree Climbing


Diameter Average Tensile Minimum Tensile Elongation at 30% Specific Gravity
7/16" 11.2mm 6,300 lbs 5,670 lbs 4.9% 1.38
Material Exterior Construction Interior Construction Core Construction Weight @ 150'
Polyester over Polyester 24-Strand Polyester 16-Strand Polyester 3-Strand Twisted Neon Green 9.15 lbs

Key Benefits:

  • Meets/ Exceeds ANSI Z133 Standard of 5,400 lbs
  • Excellent for Stationary Rope Technique SRT Climbing
  • Excellent with Moving Rope System MRS Climbing
  • High Visibility.
  • Runs Smoothly Through Mechanical Devices
  • Keeps Round Under the Most Stressful Circumstances
  • Spliceable
SKU Size Avg. Break Package Color
AG24SP716120PPB 7/16” x 120’ 6,300 lbs Poly Bag Purple Pink and Black
AG24SP716150PPB 7/16” x 150’ 6,300 lbs Poly Bag Purple Pink and Black
AG24SP716200PPB 7/16” x 200’ 6,300 lbs Poly Bag Purple Pink and Black
AG24SP716600PPB 7/16” x 600’ 6,300 lbs Reel Purple Pink and Black

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