Branch Saver™

Synthetic Cabling Kits Hollow Braid Polyester

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Branch Saver™ is an adjustable system for bracing limbs. Ice storms, wind storms and hurricanes can do damage to the earths most valuable trees. Broken limbs don't always require removal. Often a branch is capable of healing with support from a branch saver™ systems. Combining the Branch Saver product with our chafe sleeve protects the cambium layer of the tree to keep the tree healthier while still generating enough tension to hold the break.

Key Benefits

  • UV Resistant Polyester - Extremely long-lasting Synthetic Cabling.
  • Fast and Lightweight an Excellent Alternative to Wire Rope.
  • Easy to Splice and Safe to Work with. 
  • Quick to adjust the bracing length
Branch Saver Kit 4

1/2" x 300' Branch Saver Kits

SKU Branch Saver Chafe Sleeve
AGBSK12HD34 1/2" x 300' 3/4" x 30' Heavy Duty
AGBSK12CS1 1/2" x 300' 1" x 30'
Branch Saver Kit 1

3/4" x 300' Branch Saver Kits

SKU Branch Saver Chafe Sleeve
AGBSK34HD34 3/4" x 300' 3/4" x 30' Heavy Duty
AGBSK34CS1 3/4" x 300' 1" x 30'
AGBSK34HD112 3/4" x 300' 1 1/2" x 30' Heavy Duty

Optional Add Ons

ratchet strap

Add on 1" x 16' Ratchet Strap to ratchet the branch into position then set the branch saver using a lock and brummel splice. Release the ratchet to set the branch saver system into final position with the appropriate tension. Splice with ease with our Selma Splicing Kit to complete your kit.

selma splicing fids

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