Blue CrazeTM 24-Strand Braided Polyester

Blue CrazeTM is a 7/16” (11.2mm ) 24-Strand Double Braid with a Polyester Cover, a 12-Strand Braided Core and a Neon Colored 3-Strand Twisted Core. Blue and Neon Green. Avaliable in 120'. 150', 200', 600' or 1,200' or 2,400' lengths.

  • Bright Blue and Neon Green- The Very Best in Visibility
  • Neon Orange Center Core, Cabled and Twisted for Consistent Firmness and Easier Climbing
  • Excellent for SRT and DRT Climbing
SKU Size Avg. Break Package Weight Color
AG24SP716120BG 7/16” x 120’ 6,300 lbs H.D. Poly 7.32 lbs Bright Blue and Neon Green
AG24SP716150BG 7/16” x 150’ 6,300 lbs H.D. Poly 9.15 lbs Bright Blue and Neon Green
AG24SP716200BG 7/16” x 200’ 6,300 lbs H.D. Poly 12.2 lbs Bright Blue and Neon Green
AG24SP716600BG 7/16” x 600’ 6,300 lbs Reel 36.6 36.6 lbs Bright Blue and Neon Green


  • Material:
  • Elongation:
  • Specific Gravity:
  • Coating:

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