"Bull Rope Floating Anchor" - Blue, Yellow & Neon Yellow

Double Braided Floating Anchor is used as a anchor point in various combinations. It has one 3/4" Low Friction Ring and each is sized accordingly. They are made out of Husky Bull Rope and come in three different sizes. They are to be used in a french prusik combination.

# AGFA - Bull Rope Floating Anchor

Key Benefits

  • Quick install compared to Block or Pulley
  • Low Friction Ring included - no need for hardware.
  • Husky Coated Bull Rope.
SKU Approx. Diameter Size Average Break Strength Weight Color
AGFA71616 7/16" 16" 7,000 lbs 0.2 lbs Neon Yellow
AGFA1218 1/2" 20" 9,000 lbs 0.4 lbs Blue
AGFA91618 9/16" 24" 13,000 lbs 0.6 lbs Yellow

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