"Adjustable Rig Sling"-  1/2" x 52"Blue and 7/16" x 32"Neon Yellow

    Adjustable Rig Sling is a Double Ring Sling for an adjustable rig point. Useable on 12" up to 54" log/ wrap around point. Constructed of 1/2" Blue Husky Bull Rope and a 1-1/8" Red, Low Friction Ring x 48" length and a 7/16" Husky Yellow Bull Rope with 3/4" Blue, Low Friction Ring x 32"length. Durable, Easy to use adjustable rig system. Two differeent colored Low Friction Rings to indentify each side from the ground.

    Please contact us for any special requests.

    # AGARS12" Adjustable Rig Sling

    Key Benefits

    • Adjusts to fit 6" log to a 24"  log
    • 1-1/8" Low Friction Ring and a 3/4" Low Friction Ring included. No need for hardware.
    • Polyester Jacket and Nylon Core for fatigue resistance.
    • A Blue and Red Low Friction Ring to differentiate the sides up in the tree.
SKU Approx. Diameter Size Average Break Strength Weight Color
AGARS12 1/2" and 7/16" 12" to 54"  Adjustable 9,000 lbs 7 lbs Blue and Neon Yellow with Red and Blue Low Friction Rings

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