H.T. Loops

7/16" x 24" and 36" 32-Strand HMPE® High Tenacity Husky Coated Loops. 16,000 lbs Tensile and  Super Light Weight. Endless Loops for Rigging, Stepping, Holding and Bracing. Constructed of a 32-Strand UHMWP (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) with a Husky Urethane Coating. Sewn for a no slip connection point.  

# AG32SS71624 - "H.T. Loops"

Key Benefits

  • Super Durable Fiber and Light Weight.
  • Husky Coated HMPE® is very resistant to abrasion.
  • 16,000 lbs Tensile and Tagged, Super Strong for Rigging.
SKU Size Approx. Break Package Weight Color
AG32SS71624 7/16" x 24" 16,000 lbs 6 / Case 0.2 lbs Yellow
AG32SS71636 7/16" x 36" 16,000 lbs 6 / Case 0.3 lbs Yellow

HMPE® is a registered trademark of DSM Corp.

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