"Swift Line™"

Premium Winch Line, 12-Strand UHWMPE. 4' Protective Sleeve and a reinforced eye for added durability. UHWMPE has excellent abrasion resistance. Minimum elongation, elongation at 30% of tensile is 1%.

  • Neon Yellow Husky Coating - SK-75 Dyneema® Fiber - Low Stretch Rope
  • Excellent for Chippers and easy to repair in the field.
  • Fast and Lightweight. UHWMPE- Excellent Alternative to Wire Rope.
  • 4 Foot Protective Sleeve will prolong the life of the high strength core.
  • Reinforced Protective Sleeve gives the Spliced Eye excellent durability.
  • Specific Gravity - 0.98 - Floats
SKU Size Avg. Break Quantity Weight Color
AG12SS516 5/16" 15,300 lbs 2/ Pack 5.0 lbs-150 Neon Yellow
AG12SS38 3/8" 20,800 lbs 2/ Pack 6.5 lbs-100' Neon Yellow
AG12SS12 1/2" 35,500 lbs Reel 40 lbs -600' Neon Yellow
AG12SS58 5/8" 57,100 lbs Reel 65 lbs-600' Neon Yellow
AG12SS34 3/4" 63,300 lbs Reel 83 lbs-600' Neon Yellow

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Corp.

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