Chafe Sleeve

"Chafe Sleeve" Nylon Sleeve 1/2", 1" and 2" Inside Diameter

Nylon Chafe Sleeve is excellent for protection of spliced eyes or in can be used to help protect your rope at any point. It works as a Fixed or Moveable/ Sliding protection product. Available in 50 ft lengths or 300' rolls.

160 lbs. Tensile Polyester Waxed Twine is the ultimate splicing twine. Works easily with any stitching needle for rope or webbing products. Now available in case quantities, 8-Ply x 1,200' - 6/Case.

Key Benefits

  • Chafe Sleeve,¬†Excellent for protecting your rope .
  • Polyester Twine protects your Splicing.
SKU Size Package Length Material Color
AGCS 1-2/3" Flat or 1" Inside Diameter Poly Bag 50' Nylon Black
AGCS 1-2/3" Flat or 1" Inside Diameter Poly Bag 300' Nylon Black
AGPT8P1200 8-Ply Waxed Twine - 6/ Case Poly Bag/ Spool 1,200' Polyester White

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