Arborist gear

Throw Line 1.4mm - 2.2mm and 1/8" - 5/32"

Jet Set
Jet Set 100% Dyneema® Throw Line 1.4mm, 1.75mm & 2.2mm -AGTL
Jet Set™
Bulls Eye
Bull's Eye 50% Polyethelene, 50% Dyneema® Throw Line- 2.5mm- AGPDTL

"Bulls Eye™"
Target Line
Target Line 100% Polyethelene Throw Line Orange and Yellow- AGPTL
Target Line™
Target Line II
Target Line II 100% Polyethelene Throw Line Red and Yellow- AGPTL
Target Line II™

Hitch Cords- 5/16"-3/8"

TVP - Technora, Vectran and Polyester Hitch Cords for Climbing- AG-
Friction 8 and 10 -Hitch Cords for Climbing- AGDBPTV
Friction 8 & 10™
"Prusik" 5/16" or 8mm Prusik Cord, Polyester Jacket w/ Kevlar Core